Sometimes You Need Help In Lawn Care

I am not talking about paying Jimmy $10 to mow your lawn, nor am I talking about getting a gardener to take care of your garden for you. While these are things you can utilize during busy times and moments when you are out of town for a long time, a real man should always be the keeper of his grounds. But there are moments in time when you will need to call on backup when uninvited guests decide to live in your lawn, pests, and rodents who intrude upon your territory and claims it as their own. They will need to be dealt with, and though all life is precious, they have chosen their path, which is their end.
This is something I consider only professionals should do, as they know how to give them a painless death. Searching for one would be your only task here, as you have to find the proper Pest Control Company Lakewood to do the job. Though as a man you are more than capable of doing the job, as someone who keeps their land full of life, it would be of bad taste.

So when the time comes, and you must call upon the expertise of exterminators, just show them the way to their target. When the job is done, and the bags of your deceased adversary are being carried off, take off your hat and bow your head. They fought to live, yet fell on your land which they sought to take, but such is life.

How To Keep Your Lawn Green And Lush

Having a lawn in your yard is a treat. It relaxes and calms you down from a stressful day at work. It is like owning a park right in your yard. Taking care of your lawn shouldn’t be complicated. You just need to know the basics and the proper timing and everything will be easy as you get used to it. We listed the important things that you need to know to care for your lawn.


Weeds are enemies of a beautiful lawn. It grows fast and could overrun the grass. There are weed preventers that you can apply to stop the weeds from spreading. You should use the weed preventer even before they sprout, around March to May. The treatment will prevent the growth of crabgrass that could damage your lawn. But remember not to apply the preventer just after you planted some grass seeds because it can also affect the growth of your lawn grass.

Another weed that you need to eliminate is the broadleaf variety consist of dandelions, dollar weed, and clover. Make sure that the lawn is moist for the treatment to work properly.


There two most common lawn pests are leather jackets and chafer grubs. Leather jackets are the larva of crane fly while chafer grubs are the larva of chafer beetles. These larva feeds on the root system of the grass, resulting in significant damage and destruction to your lawn.

There are other pests such as worms, but it is not advisable to eliminate them entirely because they help in keeping the soil loose.

Due to the variety of pests available, you need to consult with pest control experts. This pest control worker can assess your lawn and recommend the most appropriate and safe pest treatment for your lawn.


You need to nurture your lawn with sufficient fertilizer to support the growth of the grass. You need to fertilize when the grass is at the peak of their growth. The timing of fertilizer application is also crucial to achieve full potential. Southern lawns, such as in San Jose should schedule their fertilizing activities on summer and spring while those in the Northern side should fertilize during fall and spring.

Loosen the soil

Aerating the soil loosens the soil. You need to do this when the grass is growing actively and when the ground is wet. You may do it after your lawn is watered or right after the rain. It will ensure that the aerator will have a good contact with the soil. The soil will also be softer to aerate when it’s wet.


You should water your lawn more frequently during the dry season. Ideally, you should water your lawn early in the morning, just in time to dry excess water. It is not advisable to do your watering at night to avoid soaking the roots in too much moisture.

Practice spacing your watering schedule at least once or twice a week but allow enough water to penetrate a few inches down the soil. It will encourage the roots of your grass to go deeper and make them adapt to long periods of dryness.


Do not let your grass grow tall before you give it a trim. The grass is subjected to stress when you have to cut a significant portion of it. Remember the one-third rule. If you want to keep two inches height, you should start mowing before your grass grows more than three inches.

Pesticides Killing the Wrong Bugs

When it comes to lawn care and gardening, there is onebackyard-ecosystem thing you have to understand, not all bugs are bad, some of them are even essential to keeping a good garden. It is surprising how many so called gardening enthusiasts do not know this and throw pesticides around the garden like it was water. It is time for our readers to have a little understanding about the balance of your garden’s ecosystem. To start let me tell you a little story, and experience of mine back when I was new to the whole gardening world.

Termites are a pain to get rid of…

A few years back I started doing some landscaping in my garden, utilizing everything that was already there to save up on cost. It was both lucky and unlucky of me to find out that the old shed was infested with termites, after consulting with , I was advised that I was to treat the whole property to make sure to avoid any places that we might miss and my house becoming termite chow. Though it was not necessary I opted to tenting my house and getting the whole pest control package, thinking that it would be better to get it done so I wouldn’t have to worry about any other pests trying to invade my house.

Something changed…

After the treatment and a few days away from the house to clear out the toxic fumes, I returned to my house and continued my old routine. The natural beauty of the garden seems to be missing something, and after weeks it seemed like the plants were not as glowing as it used to be. I discovered that I not only killed the bad bugs but the ones necessary for the small ecosystem of my garden. Though they returned after some time, it took a while.

It seemed as though I had forgotten what I learned in school. I recalled my old grade school text book with the funny little cartoon illustrations, where almost everything living in the environment had a job to do to make the whole thing work. I unwittingly and needlessly unleashed chemicals that destroyed that fragile cycle, which made it hard for my plants to go about with its life.

Not to Worry


You don’t have to worry about leaving the nasty bugs be for the sake of your garden. After researching a bit, I discovered that there are that there are companies that use ecofriendly pesticides, though they are not perfect they are way better than the nasty stuff those other companies use. There are actually a lot of them now, due to the fact that people are aware now and make sure to do things the green way.

If you ever need to find an ecofriendly pest control company, a simple Google search will show you the best ones in your area. In fact we will probably do a review in the future to show you which is the best choice. Until then, keep on searching!